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  Metal Stampings / Welded Assemblies  

DomCast Metal Inc is a vertically-integrated manufacturer in metal stamping, Welded Assemblies, wire forming and assembly serving the Automotive, Solar Energy, Appliance, Commercial and Construction Equipment Market Segments.

Our global Footprint offers our customers the ability to service facilities located throughout the United States, Canada, China, and Europe. Core competencies include metal stamping and fabrication, welding (both resistance and robotic), CNC machining, electro-mechanical assembly and warehousing/distribution. Our presses range in size from 60 to 800 tons.

Domcast’s Plants are ISO/TS Certified, and carry CE certification. Our Welders have extensive training and are CE certified and are tested yearly. We are committed to maintaining compliance within that framework. We pride ourselves on our customer service supported by our core values of building customer relationships, development of associates, safety and teamwork.

  Welding Services Include
  • Six Axis Robotic Pulse MIG-Welding Cells
  • Seam tracking
  • Spray-arc & Touch Sensing capabilities
  • Electric Resistance Spot Welding Capacity up to 300 KVA
  • Weld capability including Cold Drawn Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  Stamping/Welded Assemblies Include

Presses ranging from high speed automatics to large bed blanking/drawing presses; Up to 800 Ton Capacity with Bed Size to 48” X 72” With Secondary operations including flattening, piercing, drilling / reaming, threading, chamfering, swaging, and clinching, etc. Domcast is a leader in large welded tubular assembles up to 20,000lbs.

What is the CE Marking

A valid CE marking affixed to a product indicates that it complies with the relevant European 'New Approach' product safety Directives.