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  Steel Tubing  
  Supply Conditions  
Square Tubing 2"-16"
Rectangular Tubing 1"x2" through 16-24"
Round Tubing 2"x16"
Wall Thickness .083"-.625"
Mill Lengths 1"-80'
Also Domcast can also offer all products at any length including any machining if necessary
Other possibilities subject to enquiry:
The options below are on an inquriy basis
  • Inside weld bead removed
  • Positioning of weld
  • Tolerences on size of edges, inside and outside dimensions
  • Finishes and surface treatments

    • Long Tube Finishing Ends

      -Bevelling (round tube only)

    • Painting and Shot Blasting
      -This process includes removal of calamine and all other contaminants from the material. For cleaning cold and hot water steels this is by far the most advanced technique.  This reson allows us to have shot blasting and painting installations ("shopprimer"), which protect the product until it is used.  Our control process is based on EN 10238 standard grade SA 2 1/2 with or without priming.

      -Primed or painted tubes are perfectly weldable and do not generate fumes or toxins

    • Hot Dip Galvanising
      -After shaping occurs, the tubes are submerged in the molten zinc tank to provide them with anticorrosion protection.

  Packaging and strapping
Rectangular (standard)
Rectangular or square tubes, packages are made with metal slings in the form of a rectangle rectangular(standard)
Hexagonal Package (standard)
Round tubes, and these are tied together with metal slings in a hexagonal form to optimise their protection and handling.Hexagonal Package(standard)
Optional Packaging to customer specifications available.
Welded and non-welded tubes are the two groups for the building industry, welded tubular sections in the three possible manufacturing modes, as follows:
  • Cold Finished
  • Cold Finished and hot-finished
  • Hot profiled and drawned from a stamped section, cold-formed, welded and hot rolled.
By Means of a high frequency process, welded tubes are normally welded longitudinally, without filling with material.
Advantages of the different products:

  Type of Tube
Cold Finished Tube (advantages)
  • Flat surface status, the result of the rolling operation
  • Few calamine deposits in the surface and better suited to painting.
  • Regularity of thickness and tolerances of under 5mm
  • Tighter tolerances on external dimensions of over 100, on the concavity and convexity of faces and on the straightness of rectangular and square tubes
  • Manufacturing mode adapted to high yield point requirements.
  • Conservation of fine granular structure obtained in the rolling operation
  • Can satisfy high strength requirements (HLE) in excess of the limits set in the product standard.
  • Wide range available
  • Economic attractive
Cold Finished Tube and Heat Treated (advantages)
  • Uniform thickness
  • Abscence of residual stress
  • Guarantees better properties for drawing
Hot Finished Tube (advantages)
  • Welded area (ZAT) certified by heat treatment
  • Abscence of residual stress
  • Guarantees better properties for drawing
  • Higher thickness/diameter ratio
  • Possibility of smaller angle radio

What is the CE Marking

A valid CE marking affixed to a product indicates that it complies with the relevant European 'New Approach' product safety Directives.

North American Standards
Cold-finished structural tube is made according to the American standard ASTM A-500 HSLA 50-80 min yield HS-83K and Canadian standard G40 21 Class C. Hot-finished structural tubes according to the Canadian standard G 40 21 Class H. Galvanized product to ASTM A!@# Standards or as specified by the customer.
European Standards
The cold-formed structural tubes without subsequent heat treatment manufactured are made in accordance with the EN 10219 standards.
For motives of service and end use of product, the cold manufacture of structural tube is based on two types and qualities of steel: S275 J0H and S 355 J2H.
Hot dip galvanised tube is made in accordance with the EN 10240 standard and is shot blasted in accordance with the EN 10238 standard, grade SA 2.5 with or without primer.